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    My Mum


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    She's nice, my mum. My mum's a fantastic cook, and a brilliant juggler. She's a great painter, and the STRONGEST woman in the world !

    She's really nice, my mum. My mum's a magic gardener. She can make ANYTHING grow. And she's a good fairy. When I'm sad she can make me happy. She can sing like an angel, and roar like a lion.

    She's really, REALLY nice, my mum.

    My mum's as beautiful as a butterfly, and as comfy as an armchair. She's as soft as kitten, and as tough as a rhino.

    She's really, REALLY, REALLY nice, my mum.

    My mum could be a dancer, or an astronaut. She could be a film star, or the big boss. But she's MY mum. She's a SUPERMUM ! And she makes me laugh. A lot.

    I love my mum. And you know what ?

    SHE LOVES ME ! (And she always will.)


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