• Halloween

    Si tu veux apprendre le vocabulaire d'Halloween en anglais, clic ici ! 

    ♦ Halloween Night 

    It's Halloween night

    And the witches are out, 

    Ghosts and spiders and big black cats,

    Jack o'lanterns and scary bats, 

    It's creepy ! It's creepy ! 


    When it's Halloween night

    And the witches are out, 

    Go in your houses and shout, shout, shout

    It's creepy ! It's creepy ! 


    It's Halloween night and it's creepy ! 


    Version de Nélia ⇒ 

    ♦ Entraîne-toi à lire ce petit texte sur Halloween ! 

    Halloween is on the 31th of October. We wear scary Halloween costumes. This year, Jack is a skeleton and I am a witch. Fiona is a ghost, Emma is a vampire, Harry is wearing a mask and William is a scary monster. We visit our neighbours and we ask for sweets. We say « trick or treat ».

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    Mardi 21 Novembre 2017 à 10:19

    ja dortintello

    Mardi 21 Novembre 2017 à 10:21

    c'est trop bien pour apprendre l'anglais


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